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YCCEH Enrichment Core

About the Enrichment Core:

The overarching goal of this Enrichment Program is to enhance scientific knowledge exchange among investigators currently involved in, or wishing to become involved in, NIDDK hematology research relevant areas.

Taking a 360º view of benign hematology research in general and hematopoiesis/stem cell research in particular, this Enrichment Program seeks to facilitate and enhance idea exchange between hematology and non-hematology researchers, internal and external investigators, trainees and established researchers, and researchers and clinicians. Academic discussions/debates, interactive technique sharing symposia, research in progress presentations, and trainee exchange programs are included in this Enrichment Program, as part of a strategy to strengthen the bench to bedside and back discovery model.

This current proposal expands upon the breadth of existing hematology resources at Yale, including those funded through the NIH and elsewhere. Through enrichment and training, it is hoped that this proposal will ultimately increase the efficiency and effectiveness of future nonmalignant hematologic diseases research.

With this overview in mind, the specific aims of the Enrichment Program are:

  1. To promote scientific exchange between investigators in NIDDK hematology research relevant areas, including:
    • Hematology and non-hematology researchers
    • Internal and external investigators
    • Trainees and established researchers
    • Researchers (both MD and MD/PhDs as well as PhDs) and clinicians
  2. To broaden hematology research training opportunities for students and fellows