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YCCEH Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

This is an annual, six-week, full-time in-person program designed to introduce undergraduates to hematology research and is presented as a partnership with Yale Summer Enrichment Research Experience (YSERE) Program. Two students, who are designated YCCEH Summer Scholars, are matched with Yale hematology research faculty. Applicants are selected to increase diversity in biomedical research.

YCCEH Summer Scholars conduct primary research projects with guidance of lab mentors. They engage in weekly laboratory meetings, the weekly YCCEH multidisciplinary laboratory meeting, and webinars. They also participate in a series of career-development workshops and have informal career discussions with Yale faculty, PhD, & MD/PhD students at weekly lunch sessions. Each Summer Scholar gives an oral presentation of their research at conclusion of program in August. All YCCEH Summer Scholars receive a stipend.

Recruitment for the YCCEH Summer Scholars is conducted through the YSERE program portal. Undergraduates with an interest in hematology who wish to be considered for a YCCEH Summer Scholar position are asked to indicate this on their application.

Yale Summer Enrichment Research Experience

Participating in this program has been a great opportunity. The lunch and learns as well as the symposium were a particularly helpful and informative way to be able to gain insight on how current students at Yale are working towards their goals of becoming an MD and/or PhD. Being able to have conversations with other students at Yale and the individuals in the lab I was assigned to allowed me to broaden my horizons about different possibilities....I was excited to gain research skills and collaborate with the other individuals here at Yale. It is important to be open-minded and participate by asking questions as everyone is knowledgeable and more than willing to share their perspective.

Program feedback provided by a 2022 YCCEH Summer Scholar