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Criteria for Membership

Full Members:

Any Yale University faculty member with a research interest in an aspect of Hematology may apply for membership.

Criteria for membership include:

  • Grant supported research of relevance to Hematology.
  • Faculty who utilize core facilities and who are grant supported
  • Faculty or senior post-doctoral fellows supported by pilot project grants from the YCCEH

Associate Membership:

Open to faculty members who perform research including clinical research in nonmalignant hematology. Also open to senior postdoctoral fellows supported by a pilot project grant or who work on a Center-related project of a faculty member.

Interested faculty or fellows should contact the Center Coordinator (Pat Sember, 737-1685) or one of the Center Directors (Diane Krause, John Hwa) for further information.

New Investigators who are interested in utilizing Core facilities, but have not yet received outside funding, please contact one of the Center Directors (Diane Krause, John Hwa) regarding membership.

Non-member investigators are also welcome to use services offered by the YCCEH Cores, however with slightly higher user fees in some cases.