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Histology Service

The Histology laboratory in the Department of Comparative Medicine will prepare animal tissues for microscopic examination. This includes tissue fixation, embedding, generation of frozen section, slide preparation and/or hematoxylin and eosin or special stains; unstained sections for immunohistochemistry can also be provided.

Getting Started

Please review our recommended Fixation Protocols and then contact us to discuss your histology needs and the appropriate /optimal fixative for your project before submitting samples.

Because of Covid-19, for the indefinite future we are moving to an online submission form and an alternative location for dropping off samples and picking up slides. To submit samples fill out the online submission form with your contact information and a valid COA and we will contact you with the day/time that you can drop samples off in LSOG 109. Outside of LSOG 1 there will be instructions and a phone that you can use so that someone can buzz you into the area. Depending upon the request and our case load, we still aim to process your samples within 4-10 days, but this will depend on restrictions associated with the Phase 1 reopening. We will call you when they are ready, so you can pick them up in LSOG 109.

We accept fixed tissues, cassettes or blocks and can provide fixatives if you wish to perform these steps yourself. External customers: For services on whole animals, tissues, or histopathologic interpretation, please contact Carmen Booth to discuss your needs before submitting samples.