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Genetic Viral Library Service


Pooled genetic libraries are important approaches to unbiasedly identify functional genetic regulators in hematology. ShRNA, CRISPR and microRNA libraries have been frequently used to interrogate functional cellular pathways in pooled screens.

YCCEH will make available libraries produced by YCCEH researchers to the wider community. Currently, we are offering a microRNA overexpression library generated by the Lu laboratory at Yale. MicroRNAs are important regulators in hematology. Functional screens using this 461-miRNA containing library has been used successfully in both in vitro and in vivo functional screens to identify regulators in hematopoiesis. This library comes in two different versions, a MSCV-retrovirus based constitutive expression library and a lentivirus-based doxycycline-inducible library.

For shRNA and CRISPR libraries, due to intellectual property considerations, we are only providing service to produce virus for researchers once they obtain such libraries from other sources. Please refer to High titer virus services.


5ml MSCV-retrovirus constitutive miRNA library (providing pooled virus), cost: $300
200ul Concentrated Lentivirus inducible miRNA library (providing pooled virus), cost: $500


Please contact Core A, Jun Lu, at