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Primary Human CD34+ Cells

Human CD34+ cells are widely utilized for modeling normal human hematopoiesis, either in vitro, or in vivo by transplantation into immunodeficient murine models. The Core will provide hematology researchers with purified, quality-controlled and cost-effective human CD34+ cell preparations, through a cost-recovery system.

Good Manufacturing Protocol (GMP) facility run by Dr. Krause for clinical cell therapy research, selection of CD34+ cells utilizes the Miltenyi CliniMacs device. Core staff will cryopreserve CD34+ selected cells at concentrations of 1, 5 and 20 x 106/ml in 10% DMSO in 1 ml aliquots. We also provide excess unprocessed G-CSF mobilized apheresis-derived peripheral blood mononuclear cells for research by maintaining an inventory of units that would otherwise be discarded. The cost of cells are $226.50 per million for Yale and $296.90 for external Non-Profits. You can download the Internal Request for CD34 cells Form or the External Request for CD34 cells Form here.

Please email the completed form to Dr. Ping-Xia Zhang to obtain the cells. Have questions? Contact Dr. Ping-Xia Zhang.

In addition, this core will also perform custom large-scale CD34 selections for investigators who need large cell numbers and/or who perform parallel investigations on the CD34- cells from the same donors.

Please contact Diane Krause for this special service.