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Cell Preparation and Analysis Core

About the Core

The Cell Preparation and Analysis Core provides essential and emerging technologies in hematology and relevant training for junior investigators, thus considerably increasing research efficiency, reducing expense, and saving valuable investigator time to achieve better advancement of hematologic research.

In Vitro Hematopoiesis Assays

The Core will provide free training and cost-recovery-based services for in vitro assays of hematopoietic cells including liquid cultures for differentiation down specific hematopoietic lineages as well as clonogenic assays in semisolid medium.

Automated Complete Blood Counts

The Core uses a Hemavet veterinary hematology analyzer that provides accurate CBC counts from whole blood of mice, rats, dogs, and humans (research use only).

Morphologic Analysis

The Core synergizes with the other Yale research cores to provide YCCEH members with comprehensive morphological analysis services.

Primary Human CD34+ Cells

The Core provides hematology researchers with purified, quality-controlled and cost-effective human CD34+ cell preparations, through a cost-recovery system.

Genetic Viral Library Service

YCCEH will make available genetic viral libraries produced by YCCEH researchers to the wider community.

CRISPR Based Genomic Editing

CRISPR technology enables researchers to use customizable RNA guides to genetically modify the genome, control gene expression, or perform live cell imaging of specific genomic loci.

High Titer Virus Services

YCCEH provides multiple services on high titer virus to the hematology community.

FACSorting and Analysis

The Core will synergize with the existing Yale Flow Cytometry Core to provide YCCEH members with comprehensive cell sorting services of human and mouse hematopoietic cells.

Disease Specific iPSC Production

The Core synergizes with the existing Yale iPSC/ESC Core to provide YCCEH members with both iPSC generation service and iPSC/ESC to blood differentiation service.

GMP Grade Cell Processing

The Core synergizes with the Yale Laboratory for Advanced Cell Therapy to help with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) grade cell preparation.