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General Information

Single Molecule Real-Time Analysis

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Single molecule, real-time (SMRTTM) detection provides direct measurement of individual molecules, capturing multiple dimensions of data. Templates can be prepared for the PacBio Sequel II without PCR amplification, resulting in more uniform sequence coverage across genomic regions regardless of GC content, facilitating the detection of minor variants in heterogeneous samples. While observing single molecule sequencing by a highly processive strand-displacing DNA polymerase in real time, the system also records the kinetics of each nucleotide incorporation reaction, identifying base modifications of native templates, such as DNA methylation.

Longer Read Lengths

With read lengths in the thousands of bases, the PacBio Sequel II can resolve both SNPs and large-scale structural rearrangements. Long reads increase understanding of disease heritability through haplotype phasing. Long reads also simplify and improve genomic assembly by reducing the number of contigs, and produce superior consensus accuracy compared to other technologies at the same depth of coverage.

Faster Time to Results

Read DNA at the speed of the polymerase in bases per second. With rapid sample preparation completed in 4-6 hours and short run times measured in minutes, you can obtain biologically meaningful answers within hours instead of a week or more. For data analysis, we offer a robust suite of SMRT Analysis.


Customize your experiments with granular, low cost consumables and adjustable run conditions. Multiple sequencing protocols provide maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications.

What is SMRT sequencing?

Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing is the core technology powering PacBio long-read sequencing platforms. This innovative approach enables simultaneous collection of data from millions of wells using the natural process of DNA replication to sequence long fragments of native DNA.

SMRT sequencing advantages:

Long reads

  • With reads tens of kilobases in length, you can readily assemble complete genomes and sequence fulllength transcripts

High accuracy

  • Sequencing free of systematic errors achieves >99.999% consensus accuracy

Uniform coverage

  • No bias based on GC content means you can sequence through regions inaccessible to other technologies

Single-molecule resolution

  • Capturing sequence data from native DNA or RNA molecules enables highly accurate long reads with >99.9% single-molecule accuracy


  • With no PCR amplification step, base modifications are directly detected during sequencing

What are HiFi reads?

PacBio sequencing technology has evolved to highly accurate long reads, or HiFi reads. HiFi reads let you accurately detect all types of variants, from single nucleotide to structural variants, with high precision and recall and phase haplotypes, even in hard-to-sequence regions of the genome.

Benefits of HiFi reads:

  • Long read lengths up to 25 kb
  • High read accuracy >99.9%
  • Easy library preparation
  • Low coverage requirements
  • Small file sizes to minimize compute time
  • A single technology solution for a range of applications