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What's New

Price Reduction

Beginning 6/1/23, we will no longer be charging a delivery fee for Yale customers and for non-Yale customers, FedEx shipping will be free of charge.

Custom Cloning Service

We are now offering a custom cloning service! Utilizing the BioXp™3200 System, dsDNA fragments from 350-1.8 kb can be cloned into the vector of your choice. Please inquire at or click here for more details.

Higher Yields!

For all un-modified normal DNA oligos, a new 100 nmole synthesis scale will replace our current 40 nmole scale at no additional cost…..higher yields and free desalting for the same low price!

New 25 NMOLE Service!

$0.20/base desalted <65 bases

$0.18/base desalted <65 bases in a 96-well plate

Free Desalting

Effective Immediately--Normal, un-modified DNA oligos <100 bases synthesized at the 25 and 40 nmole scales are provided salt-free at no charge!

Price Reductions

Effective 11/1/14-- 30%-60% price reduction on common specialty modifications such as 5'-FAM and 5-Me-dC!!

Effective 7/1/14-- 20% price reduction on Cartridge Purification!

Effective 7/1/14 --the charge per base for all normal 40 nanomole syntheses (<100-mers) will be reduced to $0.25. Please see our price schedule for complete details.

Plate-based OLIGOS

Oligo orders containing >47 oligos can be ordered in a 96-well microplate and qualify for a 10% discount. Please contact us for details.

RNA 2’-Deprotection/Purification

We now offer reverse-phase cartridge purification of RNA oligos which includes removal of the 2’ protecting groups (TBDMS or TOM). Please select the “RNA-Cartridge Purified /Desalted” option when ordering.

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