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RNA & 2'-O-Methyl RNA

  • We synthesize RNA and 2'-O-methyl RNA only at the 1.0 µmole scale.
  • For RNA oligos longer than 60 bases, we use TOM-protected RNA monomers, for RNA oligos 60 bases or less, we use the standard TBDMS-protected RNA monomers.
  • Unless the Cartridge Purification option is selected, we supply all RNA with a 2' protecting group (TOM or TBDMS), which must be removed by the researcher before use. Click HERE for the protocols. We remove all protecting groups from 2'-O-methyl RNA and Cartridge Purified RNA.

  • Turnaround times for RNA are typically 5-10 business days.

  • Chimers of DNA/RNA (or 2'-O-methyl RNA) are also available. These orders may be submitted via the Order Modified Oligos page.