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The Prices of Specialty Reagents

In addition to the per-residue charges, the Glen Research or other company's list price + a surcharge for the specialty amidites and/or columns along with any ancillary reagents will be applied.

To eliminate issues of stability of the unincorporated monomers, we special-order the reagent for your oligos and discard any leftovers. We will work with you to group your orders so as to minimize your cost by maximizing the utilization of expensive monomers. If you prefer, we will work our way down a list of oligos until a specialty reagent is exhausted.

Generally, we will incorporate ANY commercially available modifier, not just those listed below, as long as it is non-radioactive and particulate-free. To avoid issues of improper storage and handling, we recommend allowing us to order the modified phosphoramidite/column. However, if you provide us with a commercially available phosphoramidite/column, our standard pricing will apply. If you would like to provide us with a phosphoramidite/column that is not commercially available, a surcharge for each different modification will apply. This surcharge covers the additional labor costs of modified phosphoramidite/column handling and storage, synthesizer programming, oligo processing and e-mail correspondence. Also, since we are not supplying the modified phosphoramidite/column, our usual quality guarantee does not apply.

The following is a list of commonly ordered specialty reagents and columns.

Please Contact for pricing.

  • Trimer Phosphoramidites
  • UltraMild Synthesis
  • Inosine
  • Chemical Phosphorylation
  • Primary Amines and Thiols
  • Dyes
  • Halogenated deoxy and ribonucleotides
  • Spacers
  • Biotin
  • Reverse Synthesis
  • Branches
  • Chain Terminators
  • Cross-linking