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Trityl ON Oligos

The 5’-DMT (trityl) protecting group can be left on the oligo if you would like to use this hydrophobic “handle” for purification. Unless you select the “Trityl-On” option, all oligos are supplied “Trityl-Off” with a 5’-OH group.

  • All Trityl-ON oligos are supplied on their synthesis supports without cleavage or deprotection.
  • Protocols for cleavage, deprotection and Glen-Pak purification of normal and modified trityl-ON oligos are posted HERE. Vials, caps, and non-luer-lock syringes will be supplied with each order.
  • The protocols for deprotection must be followed exactly, and the OD260 from each synthesis should be measured after deprotection to check the unpurified yield of the oligo. The unpurified yield expected from a 1.0 micromole synthesis is about 5 OD260 per residue; yields for the smaller scales are correspondingly less.
  • We strongly recommend that, before purification, you also set aside a 1 OD260 aliquot of each synthesis for analysis if you have problems with the oligo(s).