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Custom Cloning

BioXP™ Multi-Vector Custom Cloning

Custom Synthesis and Clone Construction

What is BioXp™ Custom Cloning?

DNA fragments built on the BioXp™ system are directly cloned into a customer supplied vector using Gibson Assembly® methodology. This application eliminates subcloning, saving time and effort.

How do I prepare for my BioXpTM Custom Cloning submission?

DNA fragments and vectors need to be designed with homologous overlaps to enable Gibson Assembly® cloning on the BioXp™ system. Vector linearization prep protocols can be found here.

How do I submit my sequences?

Instructions for sequence submission can be found here.

How will I receive my clones?

Clones will be delivered in a 96-tube PCR plate along with a plate map showing their locations.

Who can I contact regarding questions?

Joseph DeLuca - Oligo Resource Director

Jesse Rinehart - Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Elliot - SGIDNA Yale Support