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How do I register for an account to order oligonucleotides?

Please go to our home page and click the ordering link located just below the graphic. Then click the Get Password link on the left side of the page. Select the proper registration type, provide the necessary information and we will email you a password shortly.

Should I order my oligos Trityl-On or Trityl-Off?

The 5’-DMT (trityl) protecting group can be left on the oligo if you would like to use this hydrophobic “handle” for purification. Unless you select the “Trityl-On” option, all oligos are supplied “Trityl-Off” with a 5’-OH group. “Trityl-On” oligos are supplied attached to the synthesis column and not deprotected. Please see our “Trityl-On Oligos” page.

When I click the submit button, I receive an error saying there are illegal characters in my sequence. What does this mean?

Usually, there is a carriage return in the sequence that is not seen when cutting from a program and pasting onto the website. Paste the sequence into a word document and delete any returns that might be embedded within the sequence.

I ordered five oligos, but only received three today. Do I need to reorder?

Sometimes we will send orders in batches as they finish synthesizing. Always use the Check My Orders link, located on the ordering page of our website, to verify your orders and track their status.

I ordered the 40 nanomole scale, but the yellow sheet says I have 52 nanomoles. Is this correct?

Yes. The 40 nanomole refers to the starting material, but it is a nominal number, as each column is packed differently. The nanomoles printed on the yellow sheet refers to the amount of material that is actually in the tube, determined by an OD reading.

I tried to check my orders online but it says I have not placed any. What happened to my orders?

At the end of every month, we split our database and the researcher can only see the current data. In this case, please email the lab at for information.

What is the longest oligonucleotide that can be synthesized?

The coupling efficiency at each addition is a major factor that affects the final full-length yield. The chart below assumes a 99% coupling efficiency at each base and shows how length relates to expected yield. Although we have successfully synthesized >200 base oligos, we strongly recommend shorter lengths for better yield. Also, specialty and RNA oligos may have shorter limits ---please email the lab at for more specific information.

Oligo Yield Chart

Does my oligonucleotide have a phosphate on the 5’ or 3’ end?

No. Unless ordered otherwise, all oligonucleotides are synthesized with free hydroxyl groups on both the 3’ and 5’ ends. However, upon request, we can synthesize your oligo with a 3’ and/or 5’ phosphate.

Does my order require purification?

We make high quality oligos that are usually suitable in an unpurified state for PCR and other applications. We do offer RP-Cartridge, RP-HPLC and PAGE purification. The Cartridge purification is the least expensive and yields oligos that are >90% pure, which researchers have found to be acceptable for most applications. However, crystallography is one exception that usually requires HPLC or PAGE purification. Purification requirements are based on your particular application.

Can you incorporate a specific modification into my oligo?

Anything that is commercially available as a phosphoramidite or solid support can be incorporated. Our major modification suppliers are: Glen Research ( and ChemGenes ( If you would like to provide us with a phosphoramidite/column that is not commercially available, a surcharge for each different modification will apply. This surcharge covers the additional labor costs of modified phosphoramidite/column handling and storage, synthesizer programming, oligo processing and e-mail correspondence. Also, since we are not supplying the modified phosphoramidite/column, the oligos must be accepted "as is".

What are the recommended storage conditions for oligonucleotides?

Our oligos are sent to the customer dry, which makes them stable at temperatures below 4°C for at least a year. Once an oligo has been resuspended, it must be stored at -20°C and will be stable for a few months. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided.

I checked my orders online and the status said __________, what does that mean?

APPROVED = order has been checked and verified
SYNTHESIZING = order is being synthesized, cleaved and deprotected
OD Read = the OD has been read and the oligo is drying
FINISHING = the oligo has been synthesized, OD has been read and the oligo has been analyzed but the rest of the order is not complete
D DATE M = the oligo will be delivered to the medical school on the date specified
D DATE S = the oligo will be delivered to Science Hill on the date specified
D DATE W = the oligo will be delivered to West Campus on the date specified
S DATE = orders will be shipped on the date specified
R DATE = orders will be ready for pickup on the date specified

I just received an email to pickup my oligos, how can I get them delivered?

Please provide us with a specific delivery location, within or outside of your lab. This location must be accessible to the couriers between 9 and 5. It can be a specific lab bench, or an envelope on the door labeled “oligo delivery”. This way, the couriers will know where to leave them, and you will know where to find them.