Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of the Yale HIV Training Track is to provide Yale primary care residents with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of HIV disease and associated opportunistic infections, and to provide a venue for them to develop expertise and appropriate professional attitudes regarding a primary care role dealing with HIV infected patients, physician colleagues, ancillary health providers, and administrative staff in a multidisciplinary care model.

This section suggests an outline of the medical knowledge areas, skills, attitudes necessary to reach the overall goal of achieving independent practice status in all 12 EPAs.

Patient Care Skills

Patient Care

Goal: Demonstrate understanding and utilization of skills necessary to gather and synthesize information, interpret data, and manage patients in complex medical environment.

Medical Knowledge

Medical Knowledge

Goal: Demonstrate understanding of the clinical presentation, basic physiology, key physical findings, evaluation and management of diseases frequently encountered in an inpatient or...

Systems-Based Practice

Systems-Based Practice

Goal: Demonstrate fluency and understanding of the medical system in which you and your patients operate.

Practice Based Learning - 1

Practice-Based Learning

Goal: Demonstrate ability to access electronic health records, evidence-based medicine literature, and other resources to improve the care and outcome of your patients.


Attitudes and Professionalism

Goal: Demonstrate commitment to excellence, honesty, respect for others, integrity, and altruism in patient care.

Interpersonal and Communications Skills

Interpersonal and Communications Skills

Goal: Establish strong patient-doctor relationships, and demonstrate an understanding for each patient individually.