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Yong-Hui Jiang, MD, PhD

Professor and Chief of Medical Genetics

Contact Information

Yong-Hui Jiang, MD, PhD

Research Summary

1. Molecular and circuit mechanism of for human autism and neurodevelopmental disorders

2. Molecular basis and novel treatment of human genomic imprinting disorders-Angelman and Prader-Willi syndrome

3. Epigenetics and neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental disorders

4. Genomic approach for rare and undiagnosed diseases in human

5. Novel epigenetic and CRISPR mediated molecular therapy for genomic imprinting disorders


Research Interests

Brain Diseases; Nervous System Malformations; Prader-Willi Syndrome; Angelman Syndrome; Genomic Imprinting; Genetic Diseases, Inborn; Diseases; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Public Health Interests

Genetics, Genomics, Epigenetics

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials

ConditionsStudy Title
Children's Health; Genetics - PediatricPediatric Genomics Discovery Program (PGDP)