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Faculty By Keyword

Find a Faculty Mentor by Keyword:

This page lists faculty mentors by their Research Interest Keyword. This is most helpful for students who are simply looking for ideas of what they might want to research.

These are very general terms and meant as a place to start your thinking—you will find most faculty research very specific topics within these much broader areas.

For example: If you would like to study "HIV Epidemiology," you will not find this keyword on the list. However, click "HIV," and from there, view a faculty member’s other keywords to additionally find the term "Epidemiology."

Scan the page for a specific keyword by using the find feature in your browser:

  • On a PC: use CTRL+F
  • On an Apple: use COMMAND+F

Additionally, you may find some faculty listed under “HIV” and a different list under “HIV Infections.” Look at a faculty member’s publications to see if they are working in an area that interests you.

Faculty Instructions:

If you are a faculty member and do not see yourself listed, or would like to update your listing, visit our faculty instruction page for assistance.