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Susan Compton, PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Comparative Medicine; Director, Molecular and Serological Diagnostics, Comparative Medicine

Contact Information

Susan Compton, PhD

Mailing Address

  • Comparative Medicine

    PO Box 208016

    New Haven, CT 06520-8016

    United States

Research Summary

  1. Understanding the pathogenesis and epizootiology of rodent pathogens
  2. Development and validation of new diagnostic methods to detect rodent pathogens (astrovirus, coronavirus, parvovirus, norovirus, fur mites, pinworms)

Specialized Terms: Pathogenesis of rodent viral infections; Diagnostic Virology; Communicable Diseases; Coronavirus; Disease Control; Disease Model; Fur Mites; Gastrointestinal Infection; Host Organism Interaction; Immunoassay; Infectious Diseases/Agents; Intestinal Mucosa; Laboratory Mouse; Laboratory Rat; Norovirus; Parvovirus; Pathogenesis; Pinworms; PCR; Rat Coronavirus; Respiratory Diseases; RT-RCR; Serology; Sialodacryoadenitis Virus; Virology; Virulence; Virus Infection Mechanism; Virus Protein; Virus Receptor;


Research Interests

Bacterial Infections and Mycoses; DNA Virus Infections; Ectoparasitic Infestations; RNA Virus Infections; Rodent Diseases; Virus Diseases; Zoonoses; Coronavirus; Parvovirus; Norovirus; Organisms; Viral Zoonoses

Public Health Interests

Cross-Species Transmission; Disease Transmission; Infectious Diseases; Viruses; Zoonotic Diseases

Selected Publications