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Sourav Ghosh, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology and Pharmacology

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Sourav Ghosh, PhD

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Research Summary

I co-lead our group with Carla Rothlin, Professor of Immunobiology and Pharmacology. We are interested in tissue morphogenesis, maintenance and repair with specific emphasis on the functional role of the immune system in development, tissue maintenance and repair/regeneration, as well as the role of cell polarity in these processes. One of the current interests in the lab is cell death and its clearance, and how this can function as a signal for specific effector responses during morphogenesis, homeostatic tissue renewal, or resolution and wound repair after damage. We hypothesize that the integration of cell death recognition, environmental signals (including tissue-specific signals) and the identity of the efferocyte (the cell that recognizes dead cells) determines the specificity for removal of dead/damaged cells, renewal of lost cells, or repair and regeneration. We use a variety of approaches including molecular, cell biology, immunology, imaging and genetics and mouse models of development/tissue homeostasis/injury or diseases to address fundamental biological mechanisms.

Current projects:

1. Astrocytes, oligodendrocytes and microglia during the formation, function and after injury in the nervous systems

2. Macrophage-stromal interactions during tissue homeostasis and wound repair

3. Tumorigenesis and tumor progression, including innate immune checkpoints and anti-tumor immunity


Research Interests

Glioblastoma; Immune System; Inflammation; Cell Death; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Selected Publications