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Antonio Giraldez, PhD

Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Genetics

Contact Information

Antonio Giraldez, PhD

Research Summary

In our laboratory we investigate the gene regulatory code that shapes vertebrate embryonic development using zebrafish, mouse and human as a model system. We combine genomics, genetics, embryology, imaging machine learning and computational biology to address a central question in biology: how does a fertilized egg develop into a complex multicellular embryo. This process requires a precise spatial and temporal regulation of gene expression. We are primarily focus on understanding i) the mechanisms that activate the genome after fertilization, ii) the post-transcriptional regulatory code that shapes mRNA stability and translation across vertebrates using the maternal to zygotic transition as a model, and iii) the gene regulatory code that specifies different cell types during embryogenesis. Our research is focusing in four main areas: Mechanisms of Genome activation, mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulation, computational modeling of gene expression and animal models to understand autism.

Research Interests

Microscopy; Developmental Biology; Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental; Computational Biology; Genomics; Systems Biology; Autism Spectrum Disorder; RNA Recognition Motif

Public Health Interests

Child/Adolescent Health

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Selected Publications