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Jing Zhang

MBA, MPhil, MS
Data Manager

Contact Information

Jing Zhang, MBA, MPhil, MS


Jing Zhang is a data manager for CMS and Yale BD2K (big data to knowledge) project at the CORE. He has been in IT profession at Yale since 2000. With a strong science and research background, Jing has keen interests in data and data analysis. He is also strong in database design, system analysis, project management, and other general IT tasks. Jing holds MBA degree from Umass Lowell, M.Phil. and M.S. degrees in Astronomy from Yale University, and B.S. degree in Physics from Jilin University, China.

Education & Training

  • MBA
    University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Banning Business School (2014)
  • MPhil
    Yale University, Astronomy (1998)
  • MS
    Yale University, Astronomy (1996)

Departments & Organizations