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Dan Kelleher, PhD

Research Fellow, Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery, Mayo Clinic

Project Title: Examining Patient and Physician Preferences for Pharmacogenomic Testing in Psychiatry: A discrete choice experiment analysis

Dr. Kelleher is a Research Fellow in health economics at the Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota). Dr. Kelleher’s research focus is on preference elicitation using stated preference techniques and applying these methods to different areas of research within Mayo Clinic. Dr. Kelleher has a keen research interest in how patient, physician and public preferences can be formally incorporated into policymaking. Dr. Kelleher has extensive experience is conducting stated preferences research studies including study design, completing research interviews with study participants, data analysis and publishing manuscripts. Dr. Kelleher has a PhD in health economics from University of Galway (Galway, Ireland) and he conducted his PhD research with the EuroQol Research Foundation (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Dr Kelleher also has an MPH in health policy from Yale University. Dr. Kelleher’s CERSI project will examine patient and physician preferences for pharmacogenomic testing in psychiatry at Mayo Clinic.