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Medical Students

Anesthesiology is part of the required curriculum for all third-year medical students. In addition, the Department continues to maintain a strong presence in the entire medical school curriculum.

Teaching Principles and Practices

The rotation's emphasis is on instilling principles and practices that will serve the students regardless of their chosen field and, in particular, assist the future physician in providing effective perioperative consultation for the surgical patient. Students gain practical experience in airway management, endotracheal intubation, and intravenous cannulation. Lectures and discussions focus on perioperative issues such as:

  • Preoperative evaluation
  • Fluid management
  • Cardiopulmonary physiology
  • Invasive hemodynamic monitoring
  • Sedation/paralytics/local anesthesia outside the OR
  • Postoperative pain managementco-existing disease
  • Making the patient ready for surgery

Students are considered to be part of the anesthesia care team and are expected to participate in our patients' preoperative and postoperative care.