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Authorship and Ethical conduct

As students and active researchers, the YJBM editorial board believes that scientific research and publication should always be carried out in accordance with the highest ethical standards and professional conduct. We recommend authors follow the guidelines for ethical conduct and publication of scientific work put forth by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). YJBM requires that all authors follow institutional guidelines for the responsible conduct of research, including in regards to patients or animal subjects, and we require the inclusion of a statement in the Methods section indicating approval of the sponsoring institution’s review board if animal or human subjects are involved in the research. Upon submission of a manuscript, authors must acknowledge that they have followed appropriate ethical practices in the research and preparation of the manuscript, including proper attribution of author contributions, disclosure of competing interests, and assurance that no part of the manuscript has been submitted or published elsewhere. The YJBM editorial board will seriously consider all concerns of possible misconduct and take appropriate action, following ICMJE recommendations for ethical publication.

Author Contributions:

YJBM requires all authors to certify that they meet the authorship criteria described by the ICMJE Recommendations and that they have made substantial contributions to the research and manuscript preparation. Please indicate the contributions of each author to the manuscript, including conception and design, experiments, data collection and analysis, writing, review and editing, or other appropriate roles.

For example:
PD: Conception and design; Experiments; Data Analysis; Writing; Review and Editing.
ABC: Experiments; Review and Editing.
DMD: Conception and design; Review and Editing.