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Podcast Series

In September of 2016, Helen Beilinson and Ali Kuhlmann launched the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast. Our inaugural episodes paralleled the publication of our September 2016 issue on the Microbiome. Currently, we publish two episodes in parallel with the publication of each YJBM issue and through these two episodes, we take you through the past, present, and future of the focus topic of the YJBM issue!

In the first episode, published one month after the publication of the YJBM issue, the podcast hosts (two members of the YJBM board) discuss the history of the issue focus topic, going through important discoveries in the field, describing the necessary vocabulary needed to discuss the topic, and adding in fun facts and unexpected knowledge! In the first episode, the hosts also interview the Deputy Editors that worked on the YJBM issue to discuss manuscripts published in the issue, as well as how their views have changed or evolved over the year they worked on the issue.

In the second episode, published two months after the publication of the YJBM issue, the podcast hosts are joined by a Yale faculty member that works in the issue’s focus topic. The podcast hosts discuss with the faculty member what their current research is at Yale, the big questions still remaining in the field, and the direction they believe their field is heading in.

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