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YJBM operations are, in part, funded by the Yale School of Medicine’s Office of Medical Education. However, we are predominantly supported by the generous support of our donors.

Through donations, YJBM is able to do everything from hosting career events for graduate and professional students interested in writing and publishing, managing manuscripts and communications with YJBM authors through software like Scholastica and Edifix, circulating discussions and research from Yale’s faculty through quarterly colloquia, and providing free and open access to all of our published articles so that any individual can experience this unique venue to disseminate knowledge.

All of the graduate and medical students who have shared in the unique opportunity for career advancement, for learning, for writing and editing, and for exploring topics biology and medicine more deeply manage a lecture-series, podcast-publishing, and peer-reviewed publishing at a professional level while also being students. We all thank you deeply for the support that enhances our experience at Yale and accelerates our careers--we could not take advantage of this opportunity without you and we are extremely grateful for your support.

If you would like to continue supporting our graduate and professional students and YJBM, or help out for the first time in any way that you can, please do not hesitate to reach us by email or by visiting our online donation page. Thanks again for making YJBM a reality!