Training and Support

Forte also offers a wealth of instructional and end-user documentation on the OnCore Learning Portal. Especially helpful are the more than 60 training videos. Each video is a brief tutorial, with a narrator discussing and demonstrating how to use OnCore to accomplish an OnCore task. Use the videos to expand (or refresh) your OnCore knowledge. Please note, a username and password is required to access the video library. If you do not already have one you can submit a request here.

Training Documents and Schedules

Yale-specific training documents and schedules are available for all departments and sections. Please click on the names below to view the materials.
Note: you must be on the Yale University or Yale-New Haven Hospital network to view this page. If you are off-site, please connect through VPN.

Sign in (or register) to Forte's

Onsemble is Forte's web site that contains a tremendous amount of information and training materials related to OnCore.  It is also the place where OnCore users from different institutions interact and collaborate regarding their experience using the system.

  • If you are currently logged in to OnCore, you can access Onsemble through the application. Click here to download instructions.

  • If you're not logged in to OnCore, please click here to request an Onsemble account. Once you have an account, visit and enter your username and password to log in.
OnCore Support and/or Training
Information on EPIC reports and data requests and customized OnCore reports
For EPIC reports and data requests please click here for procedures. You can also request a customized OnCore report by filling out the form here. If you have questions or concerns please contact Liat Modiano at or 203.785.4879.
Training Webinars from Forte
Forte offers educational resources for clinical research. Please click here for more information.