What is OnCore?

OnCore is a suite of clinical and translational research modules consisting of software for research, patient registry and biospecimen management. It is a product of Forte Research Systems, based in Madison, WI. OnCore has been successfully implemented in 44 institutions, 23 of which are NCI designated Cancer Centers and 21 are multi-disciplinary institutions. More recently, in addition to Yale University, Forte has worked with leading academic institutions such as the University of Wisconsin and University of California San Francisco to do enterprise-wide deployments of OnCore that extend beyond the Cancer Center.

OnCore Product Functionality
  • Electronic data capture and data management
    • Electronic case report forms
    • Export of data to excel or SAS 
  • Data and safety monitoring
  • FDA annual reports
  • Protocol and subject life cycle management
    • Clinicaltrials.gov integration
  • Subject visit tracking
  • Budgeting and invoicing
  • Effort tracking module
  • Task management
  • Canned and custom reporting technology
  • Security
    • HITECH compliant
    • Customizable security and access roles
  • Offers de-identified views of data
  • Tracks regulatory items
  • Provides sophisticated handling of relationships and linkage between records
  • Provides aggregate results
  • Enforces use of standards
  • Inventory management
  • Integration with clinical annotations in either the clinical research or patient registry management modules
  • Requisition and distribution management
  • Annotation management
  • Correlative study sample management
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
OnCore Stats

As of October 2018

  • Number of Users: 3,216     
  • Total Protocols: 6,645      
  • Investigator Initiated Protocols: 2,760   
  • Multi-Site Protocols: 347
  • Total Subjects: 87,445