A New Approach to Subject Payments

A survey conducted by YCCI querying research subjects on payment for participation in clinical trials showed that payments often take too long and that subjects are hesitant to cash a check for small amounts; the checks also cost money to generate. To address this issue, the Yale University Controller’s Office, working with YCCI, negotiated with Bank of America to develop a program in which reloadable and preloaded debit cards and gift cards are issued to pay study subjects.

The program is tracked through the Financials console of OnCore, allowing for easy tracking of subject payments. Once patients have been checked in—whether it’s a one-time visit or an ongoing study—a data exchange will be triggered and reimbursement will occur within 24 hours instead of the six to eight weeks now required.

The program, which  is used for research reimbursement across both the medical and central campus, is a collaborative undertaking among YCCI; Bank of America; Yale’s treasury department; and Forte, OnCore’s vendor. It has been integrated into the existing workflow so that the processing is accomplished with just one click. The program illustrates YCCI’s efforts to collaborate with vendors that are commonly used in the clinical research environment to formulate solutions utilizing existing standards so that other institutions can benefit from models developed at Yale. This payment program is just one initiative that highlights Yale’s commitment to developing approaches that benefit research institutions across the country.

Both compliance and customer service are improved with this program. It simplifies subject payments for research staff; moreover, the promise of quick payment is a plus for study volunteers. Please click here for more information on the implementation of subject payment via ePayment, effective immediately. Click here to obtain the ePayment Subject Handout in English and here for the handout in Spanish. The Mobile Banking App information sheet for patients is downloadable here.

Case Report Forms

OnCore is capable of having electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFS) built within OnCore to track subject data.  YCCI builds custom eCRFS based on a study’s needs.  These custom eCRFS are provided for free for all studies going on at Yale except for Industry sponsored non- Investigator initiated studies going on at Yale.  For these studies we YCCI charges $150 (plus overhead) per form built in OnCore, this charge should be included in the sponsors contract and YCCI will invoice the sponsor directly.

Medicare Coverage Analysis

The Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) prepares Medicare coverage analyses for all clinical research protocols at the Yale School of Medicine and Yale affiliates. Visit our Medicare Coverage Analysis page for details.

New Study Setup

To facilitate OnCore-Epic interface and to support the needs of the research community, YCCI staff have been assisting departments/section coordinators and staff entering basic protocol information in OnCore.  As each new protocol is submitted to the HIC study correspondents and principal investigators are now receiving a message from YCCI asking for a brief amount of information not contained on the HIC protocol application.  

The information requested is contained on a form within this website, under New Study Set-Up. The form takes a minute or two to complete. From this form investigators can request information or assistance with research-related services offered by YCCI. 

If you have questions or need assistance filling out this form, contact constance.costa@yale.edu

Information on reports and data requests 

The use of the Epic system by Yale Physicians and the Yale New Haven Health System has contributed to development of a large electronic medical record warehouse.  The electronic medical record is a powerful tool for delivering patient care and advancing medicine. One key benefit to researchers is the availability of rich historical medical data.  The warehouse contains over 4 million patient records that can be applied to research.

The Joint Data Analytics Team (JDAT) was created to provide customized reporting and data analysis from the Epic data system.  Within JDAT there is a specialized group dedicated to supporting the needs of researchers and research projects.

Our Epic trained analysts are skilled in navigating the complexity of the growing data warehouse.   We will work one on one to understand your data needs and determine the best process to retrieve information from Epic.  Let us manage the challenge of finding and retrieving data for you. Please click here for more information on the Epic system.

You can also request a customized OnCore report by filling out the form here.

For information on Epic requests and JDAT services please contact Richard Hintz at richard.hintz@yale.edu or (203) 785-7181. If you have questions or concerns with OnCore reports please contact Liat Modiano at liat.modiano@yale.edu or 203.785.4879.