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OnCore Features

OnCore Integration with Epic

Integration of OnCore with Epic was initiated in the fall of 2012 with study subject demographics. With the touch of a button Epic populates subject demographic information, required for a variety of study progress reports, thus reducing the need and potential errors associated with duplicate data entry.

Since this feature was implemented, tens of thousands of subjects have been enrolled without the need to re-key demographic data. In February 2013, information of every active study and every active study subject had been recorded in OnCore and Epic. Again, with minimal work conducted by YCCI staff, study information and subjects enrolled is pushed from OnCore to Epic. Patients are automatically flagged in Epic as study subjects eliminating the need to record this information in two systems.

Study timeline information (i.e., study calendars) are built solely in OnCore and subject visits are synced via associating a visit in Epic with timeline information in OnCore. This feature has eliminated the need and potential error to build study calendars in two non-integrated systems. This automation is designed to increase efficiency for subject recruiting and referral and billing compliance.

It should be noted that this study calendar interface is the first of its kind with Advarra (the OnCore vendor) and Epic. In the summer of 2013, YCCI worked with Advarra and Epic to create an interface of laboratory data. This integration eliminated the need to manually record laboratory values in OnCore. As of 2020, coordinators can automatically import Serious Adverse Events and Concomitant Medications documented in Epic into OnCore.

New Study Set-up

To facilitate OnCore-Epic interface and to support the needs of the research community, YCCI staff have been assisting departments/section coordinators and staff entering basic protocol information in OnCore. As each new protocol is submitted to the HIC study correspondents and principal investigators are now receiving a message from YCCI asking for a brief amount of information not contained on the HIC protocol application. The information requested is contained on a form within this website, under New Study Set-Up. The form takes a minute or two to complete. From this form investigators can request information or assistance with research-related services offered by YCCI. Of course, researchers can contact YCCI directly for services by contacting

OnCore Training Sessions

Regular training sessions are underway. Training sessions are currently devoted to subject and protocol management and sessions targeted to department/section administrators are being planned. For more information regarding OnCore training opportunities please visit the Training and Support section of this website. As always, YCCI is available to study teams for refresher training and ongoing support.