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Epic Data Requests for Researchers

The use of the Epic system by Yale Physicians and the Yale New Haven Health System has contributed to the development of a large electronic medical record warehouse. The electronic medical record is a powerful tool for delivering patient care and advancing medicine. One key benefit to researchers is the availability of rich historical medical data. The warehouse contains over 4 million patient records that can be applied to research.

The Joint Data Analytics Team (JDAT) was created to provide customized reporting and data analysis from the Epic data system. Within JDAT there is a specialized group dedicated to supporting the needs of researchers and research projects.

Our Epic trained analysts are skilled in navigating the complexity of the growing data warehouse. We will work one on one to understand your data needs and determine the best process to retrieve information from Epic. Let us manage the challenge of finding and retrieving data for you.

Projects that we can help with include:

  • Cohort population counts for study feasibility
  • Statistics to support grant applications
  • Medical record information for retrospective review
  • Custom data extracts for analysis
  • Report development

To get started, submit a research data request via the form here: (log in with yale\ and then add netid and your password). Detailed instructions are here.

Questions? Send us a note. Our email address is: or contact Richard Hintz at or (203) 785-7181.

How to Submit a Request to JDAT

Detailed instructions on submitting your Epic data requests to the JDAT team are located here and the request form is available here (log in with yale\ and then add netid and your password).