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Our Society of Friends

Our work would not be possible without your support

Support from the Society of Friends helps fund important research on women's health.

For over two decades, Women's Health Research at Yale has led national efforts to translate new scientific knowledge into medical and personal practice to benefit public health. We must continue to evolve and advance.

But we can’t do it alone. We are grateful to have such generous and loyal supporters who share our goals.

WHRY is pleased to acknowledge gifts in support of the endowment fund and annual operating fund. We hope you will consider joining our Society of Friends to ensure that this center continues to drive great science forward. And to help and improve the lives of everyone.

The 2021-2022 Society of Friends

Visionaries ($100,000 & above)


Roslyn Milstein Meyer & Jerome Meyer Foundation^

Wendy U. and Thomas C. Naratil *

The Rice Family Foundation ^*

Partners ($25,000 - $99,999)

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven *

Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc.

Amy and David Jaffe *

The Werth Family Foundation *

Investors ($10,000 - $24,999)


Laurie and David Benjamin *

Grace and Jay Bright *

Virginia Brody *

Linda and Vincent Calarco *

Grace J. Fippinger Foundation

Katharine Kenny *

Mildred L. Cannon Trust *

Carol F. Ross *

Advocates ($5,000 - $9,999)


Katharine B. Arnstein *

Elisa Spungen Bildner & Robert L. Bildner *

Dr. Alice Welt Cunningham ^

The Jane and William Curran Foundation *

Dr. Shelley Fishkin and Dr. James Fishkin

Kaaren Janssen and Robert Jaeger ^*

Dinny Seton Wakerley *

Sponsors ($2,500 - $4,999)


The Ethel & Abe Lapides Foundation

Susan and Jonathan Katz *

Ruth L. Lansner ^*

Ellen Gibson McGinnis *

Barbara M. Riley *

Deborah J. Rothman

Friends ($1000 - $2,499)


Rick and Nancy Antle *

Dr. Walter & Mrs. Diane Ariker *

David and Sharon Bender Family Foundation *

Peggy Mann Berenblum *

Cynthia D. Conrad, M.D., Ph.D. *

Jane P. Donaldson *

Lois Fishman *

Shelley and Gordon Geballe *

Elizabeth R. Polsky and Samuel S. Glass

Kim A. Healey *

Ellen M. Iseman

Sharon and Doug Karp *

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Ketchum *

Mr. And Mrs. William J. Kneisel *

Susanna Krentz *

Nina Locker *

Robert and Marilyn Mazur *

Cynthia A. McCraven, M.D. *

Ruby Melton and Gail McAvay *

Stephanie C. Naratil *

Valerie C. Naratil *

Barbara Nordhaus

Eve Hart Rice, M.D. *

Diane K. Shrier *

Diane Young Turner *

Elisse Walter and Ronald Stern *

Associates ($500 - $999)

Jean and Robert Adnopoz

Barbara and Chip Angle*

Joanne Bailey *

Sally and Donald Evans

The Bosch Family

Jo Brooks

Mary Jane Burt*

Anne and Judge Guido Calabresi*

Helen Y. Chang

Constance Clement *

Anne McBride Curtis

Elizabeth A. Demir

Dianne M. Edgar and Terry Platt *

Eugenie and Bradford Gentry *

Dr. Richard and Patricia Gibbs *

Mona and Glenn Gregg

Linda Greub *

Jackie and John Guerriero *

Susan E. Holden *

Bernadette Huang *

Nancy Kops *

UNCAS Foundation

Christine and Kevin McCann *

Mel McCombie and Harris Friedberg

Carol and George Milne *

Margaret Sweetland Patricelli

Nancy Peniston Dr. Jane Porcelan

Lupi and John Robinson *

Ruth Simon and Thomas Polton *

Jane Simkin Smith

Cindy Underwood

Barbara Wagner *

May Yung-Fun Woo Wang *

Affiliates (Gifts up to $499)


Nina R. Adams and Moreson H. Kaplan

Marissa Ain

Bruce Alexander

Robert Alvine and Joan Thompson *

Elissa B. Arons

Dr. Carey August

Madge Baker *

Sherry Banks-Cohn

Joan Beranbaum

Ethel Berger *

Katherine D. Berges

Rita Berkson

Nan M. Birdwhistell and David A. Rothberg *

Judy Birke *

Carol W. Bloom

Anne Boucher *

Mary Beth Bowerman

Jean S. Brenner *

Patricia F. Brett

Herbert Brockman *

Dr. Patricia Church Brown *

Ruth and Stearns Bryant

Linda Burt *

Jeannette Byers *

Bonnie Byers

Polly Byers

Honorable Susan L. Carney *

Kathleen Carney-Godley, M.D. *

Marcia A. Cavanaugh *

Jane and Lawrence S. Cohen

Serena Crawford

Claire Criscuolo

Catherine Cruz-Montes

Gay Daly *

Connie Dickinson *

Susan Donner, M.D. *

Sybil Duchin

Susan Ehrenkranz *

Barbara T. Ellinghaus

Cornelia Emerson *

Robin Beckett and Thomas Emmons

Susan E. Epstein

Ellen G. Estes *

Denise and Stephen A. Finn *

Anne-Marie Foltz *

Daphne Foreman ^*

Shannon Foucault

Geraldine Frankel *

Carol and Hod French

Linda and Gary Friedlaender *

Patricia and Nathan Garland

Toddie and Chris Getman *

Paula Gilberto

Nancy Gladstone

Zelly and Goldie Goldberg *

Laurie and Bruce Goodman *

Meryl and David Gordon *

Betsy Gribble and Doug Baldwin *

Carolyn Grillo

Linda Grossbart

Elizabeth Haas *

Judith Dozier Hackman *

Kristin Hale

Joan Harvey

Mary-Michelle Hirschoff

Elizabeth Hodapp *

Judith S. Holbrook

Holly Holter *

Carla and Robert Horwitz *

Caren Jacobson and Blair Roberts

Carol Johannsen

Marjorie G. Jones

Carolyn Kenady *

Katherine G. Kennedy

Barbara A. Klatchko, M.D.

Sarah L. Knutson

Jacqueline R. Koral *

Bonnie Kramm

Wendy Evans Kravitz *

Nancy Kuziemski

Susan E. Lennon and Robert N. Merritt *

Molly LeVan *

Marsha H. Levy-Warren

Anita Licata, M.D. *

Janet A. Madigan, M.D. *

Kaye W. Maggart *

Marc and Margaret Mann *

Barbara B. Mann *

Vincent Marchesi *

Marilyn and Charles Marsden *

Jennifer Masters

Janet and Charles McClure Jr.

Senator and Mrs. Edward Meyer *

Jodie Meyer *

Hilary Michaels

Timothy Naratil *

Leslie Neistadt

Kimberly Perugini

Fay A. Peterson

Carol Petschek

Brigitte Peucker

Alexander Purves *

Jessica Quistorff

Amy Belt Raimundo *

Paulett Moore Rogers

Shayna Roosevelt

Mark Rosekind and Debra Babcock

Dr. Jan L. Roth *

Diane Daskal Ruben *

Hedda Rubenstein and Michael S. Dimenstein

Jonathan and Marci Rubin *

Michele D. Saczynski

Pietrina Luciani Saxton

Ellen and Bob Scalettar

Lynne and Mark Schpero *

Elissa J. Schpero

Linda Schupack *

Betsey and Arthur Selkowitz *

Marjorie and Joseph Shapiro *

Dovelet Shashou

Nandita Shenoy

Martha R. Sherman *

Ellen Shuman and Douglas Rae

Ilene Singh

Betsey and William Sledge *

Carole Sobin

Stephanie Spangler and Robert Shulman *

Elicia Pegues Spearman

Jamie Stern *

Susan S. Stevens *

Elizabeth Stewart and Joseph Pignatello

Elsa Stone and Steven Wolfson *

Lauren Suchman

Karen H. Toker, M.D. *

Novella Tortorella

Lisa Totman

Evangeline Wyche Tross *

Patricia Frost Vegnani

Norma E. Volk

Wendy Walden

Tamesha N. Walker

Beth Wallace

Christine A. Walsh, M.D.

Maureen Weaver and Mr. Robert Leighton

Katharine and Nicholas Weber

Nancy Weinstein

Penny A. Welbourne *

Vera F. Wells *

Kathleen P. White, M.D. *

Ana G. White

Diane L. Wishnafski

Muriel D. Wolf, M.D. *

Jessica Wolf

Doris D. Zelinsky *

Stephen Zimmermann

Gifts Were Made in Honor of

Natalie Ain

Mary B. Arnstein

Tali Avery

Stuart Elizabeth Baldwin

Nellie Barone

Alice Begg

Lauren Karp Bonnesen

Sylvia Ardyn Boone

Jane Boucher

Grace Bright

Emmy Bright

Elin Brockman

Juliette Cohen

Anne Collins

Stephanie Colonna

Audrey Lindner Conrad

Robin Conrad

Mary Conway

Lauren Cosulich

Daniel P. Cunningham

The Doran Family

The Dorsey Family

Elva S. Dozier

Jillian Rothman Ezra

Hilda G. Foreman

Maggie C. Free

Barbara Chappell Funaro

Helen Gensicki

Andrea Giordano-Johannsen

Catherine Glasser

Laura Goldschmidt

Sonia Gorfinkel

Leila M. Gregg

Jackie Guerriero

Rebecca Gutierrez

Betty Ruth Hollander

Sophie House

Marjorie Frankenthaler Iseman

Ellen Iseman

Christine Johannsen

Sunny Kang

Sharon Karp

Margo Karp

Helen Jean Klatchko

Ann Kneisel

Marion Krentz

Dolores Lachman

Ruth Lansner

Clara Janssen Maddox

Carolee Maniscalo

Sally Marchesi

Carolyn Mazure, PhD

Marilyn Melcher

Roslyn Meyer

Phyllis Muir

Wendy Naratil

Marlene Naratil

Emma Negra

Aldonna Noto

Janice Pattison

Carolyn O. Peniston

Mary Pepe

Darryle Pollack

Julie Quistorff

Mary Jean Quistorff

Patricia Reed

Belle Ribicoff

Barbara Riley

Gerun Riley

Jenna Riley

Gilda Roncari

Elizabeth White Rose

Frances Rosenbluth

Carol F. Ross

Marci Rubin

Nancy Schpero

Ann Schupack

Phyllis Seton

Diane Shrier

Carolyn W. Slayman

Sarah Steinhaus

Florence Sabin Stern

Anne Stewart

Kristen Conrad Taylor

Cindy Underwood

Hilary Waidun

James Clifton Welbourne

Suzanne Maddox White

Richard N. Wolf

Mary Young

Patricia Zandy

Those we lost on September 11, 2001

Dianne Thouin

Patricia Vegnani

Anne Vegnani

Skye Walden

Erica Walden

Caroline Watts

Elodie Isla Waxman

James Clifton Welbourne

Dr. Morton J. Weyler

Richard N. Wolf

Patricia Zandy

Legacy Society

Women’s Health Research at Yale is tremendously grateful to the members of our Legacy Society, who have included WHRY in their estate plans or have made planned gifts through a will or trust.

Rosemary Hudson

Daphne Foreman

Phyllis Z. Seton†

WHRY would also like to acknowledge our Founding Members


Melinda Agsten

Walter & Diane Ariker

Mary B. Arnstein †

Sherry Banks-Cohn

Edna Beaudette

Ruthann Beckerman

Ethel Berger

Rita D. Berkson

Grace G. Bright

Mary Jane Burt

Priscilla F. Canny

Helen Y. Chang, M.D., M.P.H.

Roxanne Coady

Jane A. Cohen, LCSW

Kate Collins

Cynthia Conrad, M.D., Ph.D.

Susan W. Crosby †

Carolyn D’Ambrosio, M.D.

Mary Graham Davis

Valerie G. Dugan

Pamela Ehrenkranz, J.D.

Barbara E. Feldman

Anne-Marie Foltz

Marjorie Northrop Friedman, J.D.

Priscilla Gaines

Donna Galluzzo, Ph.D.

Shelley Geballe

Edith P. Gengras

Evelyn Q. Getman

Melanie A. Ginter, Ph.D.

Elaine Glass

Susan Glasspiegel

Mrs. Harry J. Gray

Jane W. Griffith

Betsy Henley-Cohn

Etha Henry

Rosemary Hudson

Megan Ifill-Haney

Carolyn R. Kahn, Ph.D.

Susan Lustman Katz, J.D.

Paulette Kessler, J.D.

Charlotte M. Kinlock

Eileen S. Kraus †

Ruth Lyon Lasell, M.D.

Hadassah Lieberman

Katharine Lustman-Findling †

Janet Madigan, M.D.

Cynthia F. Mann, M.D.

Roslyn Milstein Meyer, Ph.D.

Sharon Milikowsky

Lesley Mills

Alice S. Miskimin, Esq.

Barbara F. Nordhaus

Barbara L. Pearce

Alice Poole

Katherine S. Prokop

Ellen Rabina

Carol F. Ross

Sheilah B. Rostow

Patricia E. Sabosik

Lynne Jacobson Schpero

Rochelle Schreibman, M.D.

Sara Lee Schupf

Martha Shattuck †

Susan Fromm Shimelman

Claire B. Simon

Carol Sirot

Anne Stanback

Barbara C. Wareck

Mrs. William H. White

Julia Whiteside-de Vos, M.D.

Mary Lou Winnick

Claire Wiseman, Ph.D.

Muriel D. Wolf, M.D.

Susan Wong, M.D.

^ indicates multi-year pledge

* indicates consecutive donations over past three years

† deceased

Women’s Health Research at Yale makes every effort to report gift information to the community accurately. Even so, omissions and errors may occur. In such cases, we will promptly update information. Please contact us at This listing was last updated in August 2022.