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Support Women's Health Research at Yale

Building a better future — with your help

Women’s Health Research at Yale relies on the generosity of our donors. Your thoughtful gift allows us to generate new science focusing on practical benefit, mentor tomorrow’s researchers and clinicians, underwrite communications to raise public health literacy, and help us enhance health policies that can improve the lives of everyone.

Larger gifts may be named, and all gifts can be made in honor or memory of family members or friends.

Mother’s Day 2024

Celebrate the women in your life with a gift to Women’s Health Research at Yale this Mother’s Day. Honorees will receive the card pictured.

Ways to donate

Give online

You can make gift or pledge payments by credit card or PayPal online. Click here to give now through the Yale University Office of Development Website ▶

Give through the mail

Gifts and pledges made by check or cash can be mailed to our main office. Click here to print our Mailed Gift Form. Completed forms and payments can be mailed to:

Women’s Health Research at Yale
Attn: Jessica Quistorff
135 College Street, Suite 220
New Haven, CT 06510

Gifts in partnership with WHRY

Through planned giving, WHRY can help donors make gifts that provide income for donors that can keep pace with inflation, avoid capital gains taxes, and reduce estate tax liability. To become a partner through planned giving, options include:

Charitable Gift Annuities — Immediate or Deferred
A gift of cash or securities to WHRY, resulting in a lifetime annuity for the donor or an income stream for a loved one

Charitable Remainder Trusts A trust of securities which will pay income to the donor or loved ones for a number of years, with the remainder at the end of the term of the trust donated to WHRY

Gifts of Appreciated Securities The gift of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have appreciated in value, thus avoiding taxes on built-in capital gain

Legacy Gift As simple as leaving a dollar amount or percentage of your estate to WHRY in a will or trust, this method can also include naming WHRY as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or of the remaining funds in a retirement plan or IRA

Give for your reunion

All gifts to Women’s Health Research at Yale, as with other Yale University priorities, receive full Yale College reunion credit. Click here to give now through the Yale University Office of Development Website ▶

Endowed Gifts
Two types of giving are: endowed funds and current-use gifts. Endowed funds, managed by the Yale Investments Office, offer a permanent legacy. Current-use gifts are donations spent in their entirety over a period of time. Larger gifts may be named, and all gifts can be made in honor or memory of family members or friends.
We can help you determine the best options for you to plan for your future, the future of your loved ones, and the future of WHRY. For more information about all types of gifts, please contact Jessica Quistorff at 203-764-6602 or

A record of growth

Today's medical advancements, such as prescription medication, therapeutic treatments, and medical devices, all began with an idea. But before becoming part of clinical practice, these ideas need to be tested, developed, and improved through research. And not every idea ends up receiving the necessary funding to even begin the early steps of research.

That's where we come in. Women's Health Research at Yale provides "seed" money for promising investigators. Scientists can start testing their ideas and gathering data that is necessary to secure larger grants from external funders like the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Since the start of our Pilot Project Program in 1998, more than $5 million in seed grants has been awarded, and our investigators used the results from their studies to generate more than $107 million in new external grants to further their research. Of those funded by our Pilot Project Program:

  • an outstanding 59% of our investigators obtained these external grants — three times the success rate for NIH grant applications — a testament to the strength and relevance of their work
  • 73% have been junior or mid-level faculty, who needed these funds to launch their careers.

As federal dollars for medical research have become more difficult to obtain, Women’s Health Research at Yale has worked to ensure that essential research on women’s health and sex-and-gender differences continues, leading toward wiser health policies and practices. We need your help to advance this life-saving progress.


Women's Health Research at Yale, Fund Designation #17055, is a program within Yale School of Medicine. Yale University is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Yale's Federal Tax Identification number is 06-0646973.