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American Academy of Arts & Sciences Elects Five from School of Medicine

April 23, 2021

Five members of the Yale School of Medicine faculty are newly elected members of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Founded in 1780, the academy “honors excellence and convenes leaders from every field of human endeavor to examine new ideas, address isues of importance to the nation and the world, and work together to cultivate every art and science which may tend to advance the interest, honor, dignity, and happiness of a free, independent, and virtuous people.”

The School of Medicine’s new academy members are:

· Ronald R. Breaker, PhD, Sterling Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and professor of molecular biophysics and biochemistry, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator

· Nancy J. Brown, MD, Jean and David W. Wallace Dean of Medicine and C.N.H. Long Professor of Internal Medicine

· Arthur L. Horwich, MD, Sterling Professor of Genetics and professor of pediatrics, and HHMI investigator

· Akiko Iwasaki, PhD, Waldemar Von Zedtwitz Professor of Immunobiology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and professor of epidemiology (microbial diseases), and HHMI investigator

· Frederick J. Sigworth, PhD, professor of cellular and molecular physiology and of biomedical engineering and of molecular biophysics and biochemistry.

Other Yale faculty members newly elected to the academy are Dirk Bergemann (economics, computer science, and finance), Hui Cao (applied physics and physics), BJ Casey (psychology), Valerie Hansen (history), Gregory Huber (political science), Marcia K. Johnson (psychology), Daniel Spielman (computer science, statistics and data science, mathematics), Kathryn E. Tanner (systematic theology), and Ebonya L. Washington (economics).

Submitted by Robert Forman on April 22, 2021