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Information for Investigators

Initiating Human PET Protocols

Get started on your PET research protocol by following these helpful guides for investigators:

PET Investigators Guide 2020-08

PET Investigators Guide Addendum-Forms-2019-01

PET Investigators Guide Grant Info-2022-07

PET Center Human Imaging Policy

PET Center Protocol Initiation Form

PET FY24 Academic Price List 2023-07 to 2024-06

PET FY24 External Non-Profit Price List 2023-07 to 2024-06


Authentication Plan for Radiotracers


PET Center COVID-19 Information Sheet

Previous Versions of PET Guide:

PET Investigators Guide 2020-08-tracked

PET Investigators Guide 2020-03

Main Steps for Initiating a Human PET Research Protocol

Step 1: Consult with a PET Center faculty member to discuss your research ideas to determine the potential impact PET imaging will have on your unique research project and the feasibility of collaboration.

Step 2: Draft a research protocol using the PET guidelines found here for required protocol and consent language and follow our recommendations to facilitate the PET Center, MRRC, HIC, and RSC protocol review/approval processes.

Step 3: Be sure investigators and research staff complete required HIPAA and MRRC training prior to protocol start date.

Step 4: Schedule a Protocol Initiation meeting with the PET Center and follow procedures for scheduling PET scans using the appropriate forms