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Post Docs/Students

Recent Projects of Post-doctoral Associates/Fellows and Students

Visiting Faculty

  • Mika Naganawa, PhD (2007-2009), Principle Component Methods for PET Kinetic Analysis.
  • Jing Tang, PhD (Jan 2018-July 2018)

Visiting Research Scientist

  • Rujuan Yi, PhD (Jan 2014-Dec 2014)
  • Xing-Wang Wu, PhD (June 2015-current)
  • Venkatesh Sreeram, MD (June 2015-June 2016)
  • Rohit Gudepu, MD (June 2015-May 2016)
  • Hongmei Jia, PhD (Dec 2016-Dec 2017)
  • Xianhong Xiang, PhD (Sept 2017-Sept 2018)
  • Xiaoping Lin, PhD (Sept 2017-current)
  • Xiaoai Wu, PhD (Nov 2017-Dec 2018), Synthesis, radio-labeling and in vivo evaluation of novel SV2A radiotracers in brain.
  • Suxia Sun (Dec 2017-Dec 2018), Imaging and targeted therapy of EGFR-cMET in triple negative breast cancer.
  • Bao Yang (Jan 2018-July 2018)
  • Hui Liu (Sept 2018-Current), Attenuation correction and partial volume correction of the cardiac imaging in dedicated SPECT studies.
  • Yuping Xu (Feb 2019-Jan 2020), Synthesis and development of novel PET tracers in brain.

Post-doctoral Associates/Fellows

  • Mario Rodriguez, PhD, (2005-2006), Count-rate Dependent Component-based Normalization for the HRRT.
  • Jean-Dominique Gallezot, PhD, (2006-2008), PET Modeling Methods for the Norepinephrine Transporter Ligand [11C]MRB.
  • Jianhua Yan, PhD (2007-2010), Image Reconstruction Methods for High Resolution PET.
  • Shu-Fei Lin, PhD (2007-2010)
  • Giampaolo Tomasi, PhD (2008-2009)
  • Ming-Qiang Zheng, PhD (2008-2011)
  • Rachael Sirianni, PhD (2008-2011)
  • Keunpoong Lim, PhD (2009-2010)
  • Marc Normandin, PhD (2009-2011)
  • Dianne E. Lee, PhD (2010-2012), Clinical and Preclinical Applications of PET Methodology.
  • Su Jin Kim, PhD (2010-2013), Kinetic Modeling for estimating the dynamics of endogenous neurotransmitters from PET data /Evaluation of in vivo [11C]LY2795050 selectivity in rhesus monkey.
  • Chung Chan, PhD (2011-2016),Advanced image reconstruction algorithms, corrections for respiratory motion, cardiac motion, and partial volume effects for the whole body PET/CT and dedicated cardiac SPECT/CT imaging.
  • Songye Li, PhD (2011-2016), Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel biologically active compounds and PET imaging agents
  • Rameshwar Prasad, PhD (Jan 2014-Dec 2014), Advanced algorithms for scatter, attenuation, and respiratory motion correction in PET/SPECT/CT imaging: Tracer kinetic modelling: Simultaneous multiple-isotope SPECT imaging.
  • Christine Lattin, PhD (2014-JUN 2018),Use of whole-body MicroPET/CT to study the endocrine physiology of wild birds.
  • Sjoerd Finnema, PhD (2014-2016), Clinical and preclinical evaluation of 11C-UCB-J as a PET radioligand for synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A
  • Ansel Hillmer, PhD (2014-2016), Use of PET Imaging to study Neuro-Inflammation in Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Jing Wu, PhD (2014-current), DynamicmlBG SPECT imaging using tracer kinetic modeling
  • Yuhan Yu, PhD (2014-2016),
  • Jason Bini, PhD (2015-Aug 2018), Imaging pancreatic beta cells with PET neuroimaging agents
  • Patrick Worhunsky, PhD (2015-2016), Integration of PET and fMRI in the study of addictions.
  • Hassan Mohy-ud-Din, PhD (2015-March 2016)
  • Takuya Toyonaga, PhD (March 2017-March 2019), Evaluating and exploring the applications of the synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A (SV2A) PET.
  • Hyosuk Seo, PhD (Sept 2017-Nov 2017)
  • Marcel Lindemann, PhD (2018-July 2019), Development and evaluation of novel PET radiotracers for brain and tumor imaging.
  • Alessandra Cavaliere, PhD (Feb 2018-current), Development PET Imaging probes to predict and monitor response to cancer therapy.
  • Bart de Laat, PhD (Mar 2018-current), Kappa Opioid Receptor in Alcoholism & Kinetic Models for Neurotransmitter Dynamics.
  • Xiaotian Fang, PhD (Aug 2018-current), Investigation aging and dementia with PET/MRI: a multimodal approach.
  • Kelly Smart, PhD (Oct 2018-current), 11CUCB-J imaging of SV2A during brain activation.
  • Chao Wang, PhD (Feb 2019-current), Development and evaluation of PET radiotracers targeting GAT-1.
  • Devi Ojha, PhD (Apr 2019-current),

Post-graduate Research Fellows

  • Aishwarya Vijay (2014-DEC 2017), The role of the kappa opioid receptor system in alcoholism in humans, in vivo, using high-resolution PET imaging.
  • Yuhan Yu, PhD (2014-2015),
  • Bangshan Liu (Sept 2017-current),
  • Wenzhuo Lu (Oct 2017-Sep 2018), Deep learning based standard dose PET image predicting.
  • Michael Liu (Mar 2019-current),
  • Rui Wang (Feb 2019-Jan 2020), SV2A Brain PET Image Prediction from FDG Brain PET Image with Deep Learning Methods.

Visiting Student in Research

  • Shiva Gowda (Jan 2018-Aug 2018)
  • Nan Huo (Jan 2019-current)
  • Chen Sun (Jan 2019-current)

Visiting Graduate Students

  • Yajing Zhang (2012-Fall 2013), Delivery and Analysis of NPB4-coated PLGA Brain-penetration Nanoparticles using PET imaging.
  • Hui Liu (2012-Fall 2013), Attenuation correction and partial volume correction of the cardiac imaging in dedicated SPECT studies.
  • Peng Fan (2013-Fall 2014), Scatter and crosstalk correction for simultaneous dual-isotope dynamic SPECT using CZT detectors.

Graduate Students

  • Christine Sandiego, Biomedical Engineering, (Fall 2006-Spring 2013), PET Data Simulation and Characterization of Estimated Parameters of a 1-Tissue Compartmental Model; (Spring 2007), MR and PET Image Registrations in the Monkey.
  • Edward Fung, Biomedical Engineering, (Fall 2006-Spring 2013), PET Input Function Methods.
  • Xiao Jin, Biomedical Engineering, (Fall 2007-Spring 2013), Motion correction in PET.
  • Yiqiang Jian, Biomedical Engineering, (Fall 2008-Spring 2014), PET image reconstruction with point spread function(PSF).
  • Jenna Sullivan, Biomedical Engineering (Fall 2009-2012), Development of experimental and analysis methods to measure the effect of smoking on the time-varying dopamine signal and Modeling methods for the mGluR5 ligand [18F]FPEB.
  • Shuo Wang, Biomedical Engineering (Fall 2011-Summer 2016), Optimization of Image Processing Method for Detection of Smoking-Induced Dopamine Release in [11C]Raclopride PET Studies.
  • Joseph Petrulli,Biomedical Engineering (Fall 2012-current), Analysis of erlotinib EGFR site occupancy in cancer models using mice with PET imaging.
  • Mary Germino, Biomedical Engineering (Fall 2012-current),
  • Silin Ren, Biomedical Engineering (Fall 2013-current),

Undergraduate Students

  • Colin Shea, Biomedical Engineering, (Summer 2005), Calibration of Motion Tracking System for PET.
  • Won-Hoon Jason Lee, Biomedical Engineering, (Summer 2006), Simulations of Carotid Artery Activity for the HRRT; (2006-2007), Direct 4D Reconstruction for PET Parametric Images using MOLAR.
  • Rachel Doud, Physics, (2006-2007), Scatter and its Correction in Positron Emission Tomography.
  • Laura Chanan, Applied Physics, (Summer 2007), Accuracy of PET Motion Correction with the Vicra.
  • Luyao Shi, Biomedical Engineering, (Fall 2015-current), Advanced Quantitative Cardiac SPECT Imaging.
  • Samantha Rossano, Biomedical Engineering, (Fall 2016-current), Optimization of a Reference Region for SV2A PET imaging with[11C]UCB-J and Applications in Brain Development.
  • Lauren Ribordy, Biomedical Engineering, (Summer 2018-current), Neural Network Analysis of PET Synaptic Density Data for Studies in Autism Spectrum Disorder.