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Animal Modeling Core

Expert Consultation: Dr. Stephanie Halene

Human-into-mouse xenotransplantation studies (using humanized mouse models) | Availability of primary human patient samples for the above experiments.

About the Core

The Animal Modeling Core provides researchers with access to the latest technologies for hematologic studies in animal models.

The AMC offers expertise, technical assistance, and mice for human-into-mouse xenotransplantation studies. Mouse models include MITRG-SKI (KnockIn) mice that express human cytokines (M-CSF, IL-3, GM-CSF, THPO) and huSIRPα from the endogenous murine loci in the Rag-/- IL-2Rγ -/- background.

MI(S)TRG mice are maintained as separate MITRG and MITRG-SKI colonies to generate MISTRG mice that are heterozygous for the huSIRPα gene.

The AMC also offers training and technical assistance in the study of hematopoiesis and benign hematologic questions in mice.

Through the Yale Hematology Tissue Bank we are also able to offer primary patient samples.

For more information contact us and refer to the references below:

Consult with Us!

We suggest consultation with us prior to submitting an application to ensure ideal study design and to predict feasibility.

Please note that certain research may require material transfer agreements which may delay initiation of research. The YCCEH-AMC operates on a fee for service model and all fees reflect the actual expenses of cost recovery in providing services.

Review our Fee for Services Documentation

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News and Updates

  • January 2021 – MISm/mTRG-6 and MISh/hTRG-6 mice have been sent to Jackson lab. A single, simple MTA administered by Jackson lab will suffice to obtain these strains.
  • May 2021 - If you wish to hear more about the latest developments in humanized mice watch the Meet-the-Expert presentation by Dr. Halene on the study of human hematopoiesis in humanized mice and read about the latest publication on the rescue of human red cells via combined cytokine-liver humanization.