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Islet Isolation and Function

The islet cell biology component of the core offers isolation of islets, high-throughput parallel perfusion of islets, and dynamic studies of hormone secretion.

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Cost per plate:

Rodent Islet Isolation(s):

Single isolation -

  • Internal - $761
  • External - Please request quote

Price includes one isolation condition (1-2 control rats or 4 mice of same genotype) for one pooled batch of islets.

Multiple isolations -

  • Internal - $966
  • External - Please request quote

Price includes two maximum isolations per day (2-4 rats or 8 mice) for two separate batches of pooled islets from each of the two isolations.

Human or Rodent islet study:

  • Internal - $2,240
  • External - Please request quote

Price includes either an intact islet perfusion study or islet reaggregate dynamic static incubation study for hormone secretion, as well as ½ Insulin ELISA plate for islet study preliminary data and quality assurance.

Additional hormone ELISAs will be charged at cost depending on the type of hormone assay and number of ELISA plates required to run all desired samples. A typical glucose stimulated insulin secretion perifusion study requires 2 ELISA plates per study condition if all critical time points are assayed for first phase and second phase insulin secretion. A typical static glucose stimulated insulin secretion study requires ½ ELISA plate per study condition if a full glucose dose response curve is performed.

Costs associated with animal ordering & housing or human islet procurement & culture are not included in the islet isolation or islet study costs and will be charged separately to cover the costs associated with each add-on.

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