IOMIC Flux Core

The Islet, Oxygen consumption, Mass Isotopomer flux Core (IOMIC) measures islet function, oxygen consumption, and cellular metabolic flux.

Contact Info:
Rebecca Cardone, M.S.
Co-director of the Yale IOMIC Flux Core
Phone: (203) 785-7228

The islet cell biology component of the core offers isolation of islets, high-throughput parallel perfusion of islets, and dynamic studies of hormone secretion. As well, the Core offers high resolution respirometry of islets and other cell types or of isolated mitochondria. 

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Cost per plate: 

Intact islet perfusion study: 

  • Internal - $1257.17/plate 
  • External - $2419.40/plate 

Price includes islet isolation, islet glucose stimulated insulin secretion perfusion study and hormone secretion assay. A typical glucose stimulated insulin secretion study requires 2 assay plates if all time points are assayed for insulin. Costs for animal ordering, housing and additional substrates/secretagogues are not included in the cost/plate.

Islet reaggregate (pseudo-islet) study: 

  • Internal - $1843.28/plate 
  • External - $3613.39/plate 

Price includes islet isolation, islet dissociation/reaggregation, dynamic glucose stimulated insulin secretion study and hormone secretion assay. A typical dynamic glucose stimulated insulin secretion study requires 1 assay plate. Each additional assay plate is 20% of the cost/plate. Costs associated with animal ordering and housing are not included in the cost/plate.

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As part of Yale Cancer Center (YCC) efforts to enhance membership access to metabolomics and metabolism technologies, the Kibbey laboratory will provide at cost steady state measurements of mitochondrial metabolism using the MIMOSA (Mass Isotopomer MultiOrdinate Spectral Analysis) platform (1). Consultative/collaborative design, application and interpretation of 13C labeled MIMOSA fluxomic measurements in cultured cells are key features of the service. 

MIMOSA is a mass spectroscopy technique using stable isotopes to quantitatively measure the discrete rates of sequential individual reactions in glycolytic and mitochondrial metabolism. Such measurements can be used to identify differences in fuel usage (e.g., glycolysis vs. beta-oxidation), non-oxidative (reductive carboxylation, anaplerosis and cataplerosis) contributions to the TCA cycle. Additional development of the resource for the analysis of other metabolic fluxes may be possible.

Alves TC, Pongratz RL, Zhao X, Yarborough O, Sereda S, Shirihai O, Cline GW, Mason G, Kibbey R, (2015) Integrated, step-wise, mass-isotopomeric flux analysis of the TCA cycle. Cell Metab. 2015 Nov 3;22(5):936-47. doi: 10.1016/j.cmet.2015.08.021. Epub 2015 Sep 24. PMID: 26411341

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MIMOSA study: 

  • Internal - $2056.03/plate 
  • External - $3951.63/plate 
Additional costs:
  • Method development - $330.22/day
  • Full service labeling study for MIMOSA  - $552/study
  • Study assistance -
    • $66.79/hour internal
    • $132.74/hour external

Plate cost includes LC/MS/MS plate preparation, plate run, peak integration and data processing/analysis/interpretation. Costs help cover a small fraction of the annual service contract for the LC/MS/MS, gas generator and HPLC maintenance. An additional fee for method development will be applied if required. Study assistance fees will be applied in addition to the LC/MS/MS plate cost for performing the stable isotopic labeling study in cells or additional sample preparation if necessary. It is strongly recommended that a pilot experiment be performed prior to the full MIMOSA in order to determine the study specific protocol, as well as perform a time course to determine steady state. This particular service will be charged as half of the standard plate cost.

For sample submission please fill in this form. The protocols for the labeling studies can be found here.

The XF Analyzer is the first and only commercially available instrument for scientific research that simultaneously measures in real-time and in live cells the two major energy pathways of the cell: mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis. Since 2007 when its patent was issued, the XF Analyzer has been used in laboratories world-wide to more rapidly and more accurately obtain real-time measurements of cellular respiration, oxidative phosphorylation, motility, and transport pathways. Such measurements would be invaluable in gaining insights into the mechanisms of many diseases, including cancer, that are linked to metabolic dysfunction or reprogramming. Please follow the links for more information about Seahorse XF Analyzer and measuring mitochondrial respiration.

Using Seahorse XF Analyzers, we can readily obtain novel and important data from live cells in real time, thereby providing a greater understanding of cell metabolism, and enabling new advancements in life science research.

Learn more about the supporting centers here: YCC and DRC.

Seahorse Study:

  • Internal:
    • YCC or DRC members $150/4 hour block
    • non-YCC or non-DRC members $300/4 hour block
  • External:
    • $561/4 hour block

All consumables are provided by the user or will be charged at cost in addition to the block charge. Assay/instrument assistance fees are $66.79/hour for internal requests and $132.74/hour for external requests. For pilot study guidelines and experimental design click here.

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