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Pulmonary Vascular Research

Hemodynamic Research

The Yale Pulmonary Vascular Program works with Paul Heerdt, MD, PhD , director of Applied Hemodynamics at Yale, to analyze pressure measurements obtained during right heart catheterizations and advanced cardiopulmonary exercise tests. We publish groundbreaking research related to right ventricular function, waveform analysis, and exercise physiology.

Translational Research

Hyung Chun, MD is the director of translation research for the Yale Pulmonary Vascular Program. His lab researches signaling pathways and endothelial dysfunction in pulmonary hypertension.
Dr. Gomez-Villalobos is the director of Precision Pulmonary Medicine (P2MED) at Yale. His research focuses on high-throughput methods for studying pulmonary disorders, microRNA biology, and machine learning for patient classification.
Edward Manning, MD, PhD, is a principal investigator of several studies investigating the remodeling of the pulmonary vasculature and how it impacts lung and cardiac function. He spearheads a multi-disciplinary team of investigators in biomedical engineering (Jay Humphrey, PhD), vascular immunobiology (George Tellides, MD, PhD), aging (Thomas Gill, MD), and genomics (Naftali Kaminski, MD). Together they employ multiple techniques to investigate transcriptomic to tissue-level alterations in homeostatic setpoints of the pulmonary vasculature due to chronic hypoxia and healthy aging. They create models in animal models that are then validated in human tissue with the goal of creating targeted therapeutics for acute and chronic injuries to the pulmonary vasculature.