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Research Resources

Yale Lung Translational Core

To facilitate transformation of basic science discoveries into goal-oriented translational research efforts in an inclusive section-wide manner that is scientifically rigorous, efficient, and high yield.

Data Analysis and Bioinformatics Hub (DABIH)

This unique resource serves as the hub for all quantitative approaches from traditional statistics, to bioinformatics and systems biology. Located in the the 4th floor of the TAC building DABIH contains dedicated faculty and staff, led by Dr. Xiting Yan who are experts in data analysis.

DABIH contains a computer lab with both powerful MAC, PC and Lynux workstations and servers and connections to Yale online storage solutions adjacent to the PCCSM labs. The computers in this lab, as well as others have access to all of the software required for every aspect of pulmonary research, including the section research databases. The databases are on a server maintained by the Yale School of Medicine and accessible through the Yale intranet and are secure, HIPAA compliant, password protected databases that can be used by multiple investigators simultaneously from multiple sites.

In addition, the main lab contains multiple Dell or MAC dual processor workstations, which are networked and served by a col or laser printer. For sequencing analysis we have access to the resources at the Yale Center for Statistical Genomics and Proteomics and all of the software required including CLC-Bio, Cufflinks and other software as required.

Access to computing cluster is also available.

Other Software Packages

Software for word-processing, spreadsheets, statistics, graphics, database and image analysis is installed, including:

  • JMP
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

The academic software packages for gene expression analysis include tools for normalization and statistical reading of microarray results:

  • D-chip
  • RMA
  • Cyclic Loess

A variety of clustering and visualization tools including:

  • Cluster
  • Treeview
  • Expander
  • BRB Array tools
  • GEDI

Statistical analysis and classification packages include:

  • Scoregene
  • Genespring (Including the NGS module)
  • R
  • SAM & PAM
  • the unique probabilistic relational modeling viewer
  • Genomica
  • Spotfire
  • SAS and STATA

Research Resources

Research Resources and Equipment

  • high performance high throughput qRT-PCRs
  • DNA microarray scanners
  • automated system to purify DNA, RNA or proteins
  • ion semiconductor DNA sequencer
  • nanostring /hybridization technology
  • small animal particulate (cigarette smoke) exposure system
  • gas exposure system (O2, NO, CO)
  • flexivent pulmonary function test
  • fluorescent microscopy
  • imaging system
  • MSD ELISA system