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Michael Schwartz, PhD

Associate Dean for Curriculum; Director of Innovation in Medical Education, MD Program; Emeritus Associate Professor, Neuroscience; Senior Research Scientist, Neuroscience; Director, Medical Studies, Neuroscience

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Michael Schwartz, PhD

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Research Summary

The research in my laboratory is concerned with the organization and development of the mammalian cerebral cortex, the influence of prenatal and neonatal experiences on the final organization of these regions and the impact on behavioral function. Studies in non-human primates focus on the organization and synaptic features of cortical areas in developing and mature monkeys, with particular emphasis on cortico-cortical, cortical-thalamic, and local circuit neurons. Studies in mice focus on the impact of perinatal hypoxia on brain development, behavioral maturation and mechanisms of recovery using a variety of wild type, knockout and overexpressing mouse models.

Studies currently in progress in the laboratory include:

  1. Examination of the expression of neurotransmitter substances in the cerebral cortex of fetal and postnatal monkeys;
  2. Analysis of the role of GABA and FGF on neuronal proliferation and transmitter phenotype;
  3. The impact of prenatal ultrasound exposure on brain development and behavioral function in non-human primates and mice;
  4. The impact of hypoxia on the emergence of cortical connectivity and behavioral function.

The studies in the lab utilize a variety of techniques including fetal and adult neurosurgery, light (LM) and electron microscopy (EM), immunocytochemistry, tract tracing methods, and behavioral analysis techniques.

Specialized Terms: Mammalian cerebral cortex


Research Interests

Hypoxia, Brain; Cerebral Cortex; Education, Medical; Neurobiology; Neurosciences

Selected Publications