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Laura Ment, MD

Professor of Pediatrics (Neurology); Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid; Director, START Program

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Laura Ment, MD

Research Summary

Laura R. Ment, M.D., studies the impact of injury and recovering on developing brain in preterm neonates, fetuses with congenital heart disease and fetuses and neonates at risk for autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Ment and her colleagues employ serial neurodevelopmental outcome measures coupled with volumetric, functional and diffusion tensor imaging strategies to assess the influence of these perturbations on neural connectivity and the relationship of connectivity to outcome.

Specialized Terms: Adaptive Mechanisms of Developing Brain; Clinical Studies of Pathophysiology and Gene Targets for Prevention of Injury to Preterm Brain; Volumetric, Diffusion Tensor and Functional Imaging of Developmental Changes; Preclinical Studies in employing Animal Models of Injury and Repair in Preterm Brain with MRI, Genetic and Behavioral Assessments


Research Interests

Brain; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Neurology; Pediatrics; Diffusion Tensor Imaging; Functional Neuroimaging

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials