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Chenxiang Lin, PhD

Associate Professor of Cell Biology and of Biomedical Engineering; Associate Director, Nanobiology Institute

Contact Information

Chenxiang Lin, PhD

Lab Location

  • West Campus Integrative Science & Technology Center
    850 West Campus Drive, Rm 213
    West Haven, CT 06516

Research Summary

Nature has evolved sophisticated and highly efficient molecular machineries for all forms of lives. Our lab focuses on engineering DNA-nanostructure-based molecular tools for investigating and engineering the naturally occurring molecular events. Those DNA-based tools have made it possible for us to manipulate macromolecules and higher order assemblies with nanometer precision. We expect such research to help elucidate biological questions at the single-molecule level, and in the long run lead to functional synthetic nano-machines that rival natural systems in complexity.

Research themes in our lab include:

  1. Structural DNA Nanotechnology: rational design of self-assembled DNA nanostructure with ever-increasing complexity and size.
  2. Single-Molecule Biophysics: study of biomolecule interactions through DNA-directed self-assembly and other single-molecule techniques.
  3. Biosensing and Imaging: developing nucleic-acid-based barcodes as multiplexed biosensors and/or in situ imaging probes.
  4. Synthetic Biology: rebuild naturally existing machineries (e.g., SNARE complex, nuclear pore, etc.) with artificial components and/or spatial arrangement.


Research Interests

Biophysics; Cell Membrane; Cell Biology; DNA; Lipid Bilayers; Membrane Fusion; Membranes, Artificial; Reference Standards; Nucleic Acid Probes; Biosensing Techniques; Nuclear Pore; Nanotechnology; Nanostructures

Selected Publications