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Impact of Broad Genomic Profiling

Broad Genomic Profiling in patients with advanced lung cancer: empirically assessing adoption, clinical utility, and the value of additional evidence in an evolving landscape of cancer care

The real-world adoption of broad genomic profiling (BGP) has enabled the simultaneous testing of hundreds of potentially targetable genetic alterations in patients with cancer. Yet evidence regarding the impact of BGP on patient outcomes is constantly evolving, with changes in the availability, utilization, and efficacy of targeted agents. In this proposal, we address the critical need to understand real-world BGP use and its impact on clinical decision-making, treatment outcomes and costs by leveraging the strengths of multiple complementary, real-world datasets. Finally, we will determine the value of additional research to empirically inform decisions about the adoption of BGP into cancer care.

Funding source: NIH (NCI)

Principal investigator: Michaela Dinan and Cary Gross