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Novel Cancer Survivorship Models

Development of Cancer Survivorship Risk Models to Inform Pathways of Care

Cancer survivors have both unique oncologic and non-oncologic health needs related to their diagnosis, stage, treatment, and comorbidities. The current ‘one size fits all’ system of care is characterized by inefficient, unnecessary long-term oncologic follow-up for low-risk patients, yet often fails to provide appropriate non-cancer care for those at increased risk for other health problems. There is a critical and immediate need to provide robust risk estimates of oncologic and non-oncologic needs in cancer survivors available for managing physicians at the point-of-care. The research team will work to create validated, robust, and generalizable oncologic and non-oncologic risk algorithms and have them ultimately disseminated as a free web-based calculator to inform risk-stratified cancer survivorship. The resulting tool will apply to approximately half of all cancer survivors and create the evidence base needed to inform and implement risk-stratified survivorship pathways and improve the efficiency, appropriateness, and health equity of cancer patient care.

Funding source: American Cancer Society

Principal Investigator: Michaela Dinan