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Equity in Kidney Cancer

Disparities in the Use of Oral Anticancer Agents in Kidney Cancer

We have long known that real-world black-white racial disparities have existed in the treatment and outcomes of patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC). However, it is unclear how these disparities will change with the recent introduction and widespread adoption of oral anticancer agents (OAAs). As with any advance in medical technology, the introduction of these agents has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes, but also has the potential to exacerbate current disparities if these advances in OAAs are not equally available or do not provide the same benefit to all patients. The proposed study addresses this critical gap in our knowledge by investigating a mix of nationally representative, yet diverse populations of patients with kidney cancer in the United States to better understand the current and future utilization, outcomes, and costs associated with emerging OAAs in patients with kidney cancer.

Funding source: NIH (NCI)

Principal Investigator: Michaela Dinan