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About the Department

The Mission

The Department of Cell Biology strives to be a leader in biomedical research and education. We prioritize the discovery of fundamental mechanisms that govern life at the cellular level by leveraging a collaborative environment that fosters the success of every individual within our community. As educators, we work to develop future leaders through mentorship and learning. Our success is driven by the diversity of ideas, disciplines, and backgrounds of our colleagues and trainees from across the globe.

The Department

The Cell Biology Department was founded in 1974 by Nobel Prize winner George Palade. It is currently led by Sterling Professor of Cell Biology, and recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine James Rothman, whose work was foundational to understanding the molecular mechanisms and regulation of vesicular traffic and membrane fusion. There are currently 23 primary and 18 secondary faculty in the Department that lead diverse and innovative research labs. The engines of the Department’s research are the 42 graduate students and 108 postdoctoral fellows and research associates that make up the next generation of the biomedical workforce.