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Julia von Blume Receives Innovative Science Accelerator Award

The ISAC award provides seed funding for exceptionally innovative, disruptive (high-risk/high-reward) research relevant to the NIDDK Division of Kidney, Urologic, & Hematologic Diseases that has the potential to lead to groundbreaking or paradigm-shifting results that will change the field. The von Blume lab investigates how neutrophils, frontline defenders against infections, are armed with proteins in distinct granule types. Regulated exocytosis activates them for chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and bacteria eradication. Yet, the molecular mechanisms of granule formation are unclear, limiting treatments for neutropenic disorders. The von Blume lab will investigate molecular mechanisms of neutrophil granule biogenesis that could pave the way for powerful therapeutic strategies. This project will be performed in collaboration with Shangqin Guo’s Yale Stem Cell Center lab.

Source: ISAC AWARD PROGRAM, NIDDK Division of Kidney, Urologic, & Hematologic Diseases
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