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Matching Students with Faculty Mentors

The most important part of our program are our faculty research mentors. They are passionate about teaching, excited about scientific research, and work hard to make sure that you are matched with a project that will let you exercise your scientific "muscles" with proper coaching and supervision.

If you accept an invitation to participate in our program, we will ask you to visit the Biological and Biomedical Sciences website to view research areas and mentors at Yale's School of Medicine. We will ask you identify areas of science that interest you, and mentors whose research is of particular interest. We take this information into account to place you in a lab with an appropriate project, great supervision at the bench, and a research mentor who is invested in your success.

Students will be informed of their placement and introduced to their faculty mentor prior to their arrival at Yale. They will be expected to communicate with their assigned faculty mentor prior to arrival to discuss potential projects. This gives students the opportunity to begin thinking about the research question that they plan to address prior to arriving on campus.